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  • Mark A Mark A Sep 2, 2013 21:16 Flag

    #$%$ fantasy league

    I am afraid you are losing me Yahoo.

    Really enjoyed the last few years and found it easy to see future weeks games and how much my team scored individually. Looked forward to finding the bargain players and choosing when to offload when difficult games coming up, but this version is not intuitive and is so hard to use I am jacking in after 3 weeks even though I am close to 300. It's like giving up an Iphone and switching to a Google Android phone. It may be cheaper to run but It p155e5 me off

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    • I see your point Mark. I too was very disappointed about the way it was working this year. But in the few couple of week they've sorted some of the problems out and as they've moved to a new system it'll take them a while to get it perfect. Personally YFF is the only one i've ever enjoyed playing and i'm not sure there's anything else out there I'd want to change to. Would like to be able to access it on my android phone as before though and also chat to buddies in our league as before. But I'm sure they'll get there.