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  • Netley Lucas Netley Lucas Sep 10, 2013 10:51 Flag

    Successful crosses, tackles won & passes intercepted

    We tend to focus on goals, assists and clean sheets when making our selections, it's only normal. Also our eyes light up when we see bright, shiny new foreign players coming into the top clubs for huge amounts of money and we can but them for under 5% of our budget.
    Spare a thought for the more mundane sounding players from less fashionable clubs who do the ordinary things that get just one point each time they do it ... these little, unspectacular things add up quietly.
    A couple of examples?
    James Ward-Prowse : Southampton @5.40m has 14 SC & 5 PI ... that's 19pts from just 2 fairly innocuous activities.
    Joel Ward : Crystal Palace @9.01 has 16 #$%$ PI ... that's 23pts.
    English players often get overlooked, but there's a few about who seem to be doing things quietly that get regular points that many other more expensive higher profile 'stars' don't.
    It's made me have a little think.

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    • James Ward-Prowse has been a great bench option for me. I only started him last week but he got 8pts which is great value. what do you think about him going forward?

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      • I was looking through the stat's yesterday for players who do the things that don't make headlines, but get good steady points, week in week out. JWP & Joel Ward (both JW's eh?) are not obvious choices when there's so many bigger names in bigger clubs, but their stat's show that one is (I think) the most prolific crosser in the PL, and the other is the best tackler. The points these 2 rack-up for fairly simple things cannot be ignored. We tend to be prejudiced against the smaller clubs and lesser known players in the desire for goals & c/s's ... but these 2 young English players are doing what their "betters" aren't. At an average of just 7.2m for the pair, solid value.
        Selling Jesus Navas for JWP might sound barmy, and dumping Phil Jones for Ward probably does too ... but I get a feeling that Zabaleta will steal many of Navas's point scoring options, and Phil Jones simply is being used as cover in any old defensive or DM position, hardly nailed-on once Rafa' returns.