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  • Spoonthumb Spoonthumb Sep 14, 2013 12:39 Flag


    Last season I won my leagues cup for the Most Entertaining Team of the season 2012-2013. Yeah! Get in There! Really though my point is that with 150 million so many people are picking the same players. How boring that anyone trying for top spot has RVP in their team this week. Blah. I will keep on entertaining my fellow league members with some bizarre picks and maybe get top six if I'm lucky. Who cares? It's only a game!

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    • If you want to win, I think RvP is a logical pick as captain this week... It was highly unlikely that he wouldn't score today. It's only a game, yes, but what's the point of playing if you're not going for the win?

      Still, I try to pick some less likely players too to make the difference, for example Ward-Prowse and Robbie Brady this week. We'll see :-)