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  • Lance R Lance R Sep 14, 2013 15:33 Flag

    Yahoo costing me pts!!!

    Thanks Yahoo, so far you've cost me at least a goal and and assist. The assist for not adding Ozil in time despite everybody and their brother knowing he was starting for Arsenal this week and a goal because Rooney who I had in my team until reading in your playe notes that he was out for a couple of weeks. Thanks for that. Also you still can't find Ozil by typing his last name in. You have to type Mesut, I assume this is because his name is spelled with those two dots over the "O"...Most English keyboards don't offer than as an option, so why do you expect us to. That was one feature of the old fantasy game that you actually could have quickly improved on, but sadly no. New format still sucks.

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    • similar problems here with welbeck non-starter and my changes nnot recorded despite my clicking save. unable to choose my captain as a result too.
      with the number of complaints there ve been, you d think they d do something about it.