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  • Tom Robshaw Tom Robshaw Sep 16, 2013 22:00 Flag

    This seasons Yahoo Fantasy Football is filled with so many bugs and errors.

    I cant even change my team using google chrome, Internet explorer... Im running windows 7 too... Struggle to do it on my other computer as well which is running windows xp... It's just so slow... Bring back last seasons layout and build please... God...

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    • Yes I agree.. there are too many bugs and errors. Now I cannot use Google Chrome anymore for this website. It just says "Something went wrong". This is so ****ed up.

      And how about viewing players through SOT, SC, goals etc.?

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      • "Something went wrong" just requires you clear the history/cookies in said browser and it'll work fine.

        I too wasn't happy with the new YFF right off the bat. But they have already fixed some of the bugs and now it's not too different to the old system.

        People keep moaning and acting like there were never any problems with the old league. Last year a lot of people's teams failed to update one week and they got stuck with different players, lost discounts etc. In the past points took days to go on the system or were wrong and then got changed.

        It's not great at the mo, but if they end up with a system where you can't pick players until points are in or points are added as the games happen then they'll stop the silly barn door thing, which would be great for fantasy IMHO.

        The people at the core of it clearly aren't trying to make YFF different from what it was. It's just wasn't right at the beginning of this season, but they're already adding functionality week by week and getting back to what it was and setting it up to surpass the much lauded old one (conveniently forgetting all the horrible problems that had at times and the many complaints it got from those sort of people).

        It's a bit of fun. It's free. It's in transition.... and from previous experience there's nothing out there that's perfect or even trying to be what fantasy football should be.

        You're talking about picking one team a week. If it took you 5 minutes before, then I doubt you did any good anyway. So why cry about it? It is hard work to pick a team at the moment, but I reckon it'll keeping getting easier and better.