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  • M M Sep 18, 2013 15:52 Flag

    150 mln cap?

    What is about this 150 mln team budget? Does it mean that if value of the players will exceed 150 mln, one of them will be sold by the system and a cheaper one will substitute him?

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    • No M, it doesn't. It simply means you have £150m to buy XV players. Buying prices may well rise, but selling prices are set at the lowest value a player is while you hold him. The value of any fall is added to the cash you have.
      So although you may have a team worth £200m, you will only ever be able to recoup your original £150m starting sum if you sell the lot.

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      • Thank you Netley for your explanation.

        Well it is quite weird. I have checked a few top team and there is always the sum - team + free cash = 150 mln, Weird. but makes sense now about how it works.

        Stupid rules, but the game is intended to make people spend their time following football, so very good tool for football business.
        I'm gonna ditch it, quite pointless.