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  • Netley Lucas Netley Lucas Sep 19, 2013 22:50 Flag

    Selection Headache? Ideas Thread!

    Time for a dedicated thread to discuss players to buy, sell or hold. The message board is getting cluttered with complaints, group ID's and general queries that are easily answered in the game instructions.
    Feel free to use this thread to discuss players only, maybe seek other views and generally seek to find better players for better value.

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    • Can you please rate my team:
      For next week (week 6)

      F: RVP, Giroud, Rooney.
      M: Fellaini, Ozil, Redmond, Ramsey.
      D: Fonte, Debuchy, Baines.
      GK: Mignolet.

      M: Barkley.
      D: Ovideo, Spence
      GK: Elliot.

      Any pointers on what I should do to change my team around?
      Thanks!!! :)

    • I've got Guzan on the bench racking up a monumental bleeding score, Bassong off hamstrung ... sigh, is it going to be one of those weeks? Pray Krul twists an ankle in warm-up? lol ... sigh

    • The only selection decision that's giving me a headache is Oscar v Lamela! The price difference of £4m is not a problem as I can simply bring B1 Billy Jones WBA in for Diakite, sell him and have a filler at B2 (Kolo B1).
      Lamela is settling in atm, sub appearances, can't speak English, brother was kidnapped for ransom (paid) last w/e ... so it might take him a few weeks to hit form? Whereas Oscar - by all accounts - is preferred to Mata in the centre of the attacking midfield trio, not wide chasing defenders all day. So he becomes a very interesting selection for 9.95m.
      Having several quality midfielders who play off a lone striker - Ozil, Oscar & Eriksen should give good goalscoring opportunities.
      I'm ignoring Chelsea's poor recent form and buying Oscar.

      Week 5 Team;


      B. Jones

      Walcott (c)


      Good luck everyone!

    • Rate my Team?
      Forward - Lambert, Benteke,Giroud
      Mid- Gerrard(C), Eriksen, Walcott, Ozil
      Def-:Lescott, Toure, Walker
      GK - Mignolet
      Bench - JWP, Kelly

      I have 13.7 million to spend if you have any suggestions. also I`m a bit of a homer so i cant pull the trigger and change captains. Is it smarter to go with a forward for captain?

    • i've 3 forward...
      giroud, benteke, sturidge..3 of them always scored until last game..
      walcott, ozil, ben arfa
      vertonghen, koscielny, ivanovic, j.enrique
      and lloris as GK..

      what do you think bro?

    • Which keeper do you suggest this week? Cech any good?

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      • Well Cech is obviously one of the better keepers in the PL, and he's in one of the better sides jinson. It depends on your budget I suppose. If you want to spend decent money, yes, Cech@13.63m will attract support. Only thing I will say, Chelsea are on a bit of a wobble, it's a local derby v Fulham, and although many will expect the Blues to hammer them ... odd things do happen in derbies, especially if the favourites are not playing all that well.
        Personally I prefer Tim Krul h) Hull C. @7.10m. Okay, he could let a goal in, but so could Cech @double the price.
        If you want something inbetween? Lloris a) Cardiff @10.36m looks very nicely priced.

    • What do you think about Eriksen? I just lost Coutinho

    • It looks like Arteta is fit and may feature against Stoke. Any thoughts on whether he will get a start and if he does, who is going to sit? I would have to think Wilshere would sit given Ramsey's hot streak, but you never know.

    • Got Giroud cheap now holding for dear life. Ramsey looking good but playing hard defense of Stoke. Defender to have is Agger if he plays this week. Mignolet is my keeper.

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      • Did you know Agger injured his side preventing a dumbbell dropping on his foot? lol ... I'm going for Tim Krull in goal v Hull. Magpies have improved with every game - not difficult - and @7.1m Tim looks well able to more than cover his value.
        Defenders? Debuchy obviously, gets pts even w/o c/s's, same goes for Bassong & Diakite, both not obvious c/s candidates - but they don't need to be, c/s a bonus not an expectation.
        Midfield? All N London I'm afraid, Oz-Aaron-Theo & Lame-Eriks ... only headache is Lame, go 3-5-2 or 4-4-2 and bring Billy Jones in at wing-back v Sunderland (not risking Kolo - 5th defender only atm).
        Up top? RVP-Giro ... Not expecting too much from RVP, but you never know - so will probably make Theo Capt. this w/e ... he's due a goal, and gets good pts w/o one, so kind of makes sense.
        Wk 5 target? 114 would get me to 500, enough quality to get that? Hmmm ... lol, maybe, anything approaching 100 will do though.
        I had toyed with the idea of bringing in Lukaku & Oscar for Giro & Lame ... and still might, but it's a tough call to back Lukaku on his Toffee's debut @WHU v an in-form Giro ... even though Oscar sweetens the deal v a rotation-risk Lamela. Undecided.

      • Giroud is so much better this season than he was 12 months ago. Stoke are interesting, tough @home but better sides can get through them to have a pop @Begovic away. Liverpool had 26 shots, 11 on target in the opening 1-0 victory over them at Anfield. Can Arsenal do the same? Here's hoping!
        Agger? He's a doubt, tbh that defence is looking a bit uncertain all of a sudden, I'm plonking Kolo on the bench as B2 ... see what's what before I launch him in.

    • Hi Netley what do you think about having both Ramsey and Ozil against Stoke this week? Is there enough points to share or is it better to go with someone else, maybe Stevie G against Southampton. Thanks!

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      • Yup, got'em both. You can't go wrong with Ozil under 7 units and Ramsey on fire. He scored in the CL as well!!! He's your mystery huckleberry this year!!!

      • Good question JG! I bought Ramsey for wk3 because I didn't think Oz was fit to start, and Aaron had great tackling/intercept pts - the goals were not expected. Knock off the 14 pts for just the goal element of his pts, and he's weighing in with 10.25 pts a game, just shy of Theo's (no goals yet) 10.50pts a game. You can't ignore that kind of scoring. Oz looks to be settling in nicely and simply has to be in the 5 man midfield (inc bench). Whether you play both, or have 1 benched, is up to you. Stevie G is another who doesn't need goals to get good pts, 9.25pts a game so far, so decent value @16.26m against anyone.
        If you see Ramsey as mainly a tackling/intercept player (I do), then of course there's enough points to go around to have both him & Oz. If you want them both scoring v Stoke? Then no, highly unlikely.