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  • tee-max tee-max Sep 24, 2013 09:34 Flag

    Player pricing and top players

    I find it a bit weird that injured players (Cazorla, Coutinho, Silva etc) or players serving suspension (Suarez etc) continue to have high prices. I feel injured players and ones serving suspension should drop prices because they are yielding no points and sitting on substitute benches and managers need to invest their funds on players bringing in points.

    Also with respect to checking top player, rather than players being ranked according to prices, I think they should be ranked according to total points and that there should be a week-by-week points gained by each player to allow managers make the best financial and points-based decision possible rather than just hoping or making a gamble.

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    • You should forego those injured player for other. What's the point you keeping those non playing in the squad and making complaint here? It they were play and not making point, then their value will drop.

    • Well tee-max, Suraz has dropped 4m in 3 weeks, and I'd expect prices to drift steadily for the others. I don't think a massive fall is warranted, as the prices are based on both this season and last season's form.
      I agree that there should be a list of best performers, but also keep the price table so it's easier looking for players within budget.
      The values of the newbies like Ozil & Eriksen are really too low, I think all newbies should have a starting value of 10m (150/15).