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  • Mark A Mark A Sep 30, 2013 23:42 Flag

    Still having Problems. Is it because I am using Google Chrome?

    I have persevered despite saying I was packing this version in - it is a real pain but I have somehow amassed over 700 points, Ramsey, Suarez and Lukaku all useful picks. Problems this week are I substituted Ridgewell with Toure and although this showed in my team sheet for some reason it is not on the Live game, so that is points lost. I am also having real difficulty replacing players; I just sold Ridgewell and have a balance of £16 mill but it won't let me pick players above £6.5 million. Starting to wonder if it is because I am using Google Chrome and the programming is not Chrome friendly. Anyone got any ideas?

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    • Chrome's fine on a laptop in Windows 8 bud, just keep refreshing. If not try Stuart's advice, or delete cookies, or try Firefox, there seem to be many issues atm. There is a dedicated feedback thread link at the bottom of the home page, not sure how much time the tech staff spend each week, but give it a go if you can't improve things. Although 700 sounds like yer doing okay with the problems. lol

    • are you playing on a tablet or p.c? cos I had that problem when using my tablet. if so I got round that by a setting on browser. when on internet browser there is 3 dots in the top right hand corner, press that and then tick box for "request desktop site" may help, give it a go. good luck