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  • Lulu Lulu Oct 1, 2013 13:30 Flag

    New Game Format and not getting our points

    I have been playing this fantasy game for a while and I don't believe any of us asked for the format to be updated. Loads of things are annoying like the fact that it doesn't automatically tell me who I am doing compared to my other friends that play on facebook. We have to create and join 'leagues'. Nor does the tables of our league position tell us anymore what percentage of the top players we are in. that is very annoying as I have always been in top 2% but this year I am doing so much better so far and I would like to know precisely how much better. Also I preferred the stats version as it was much clearer to read but now it is the pitch view or none. But most annoying is scoring points and not having them added to my total. This game is so rubbish at the moment I think I will go and tweak my Barclays team and play there instead.