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  • Adam Adam Oct 2, 2013 17:57 Flag

    Do You Like the New Fantasy?

    I miss the old version (2012). This new one seems too busy for its own good and I think it gets in the way of delivering on the important things - like real points updates in a timely manner. Not enjoying the substitutions either.

    Seems like needless complexity, but hey that's just my opinion.

    How are you feeling about the change to the new system?

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    • I like the layout its easy to use when buying a player its not as efficient as the last one ie setting your price the substitutes bench noone seems to be taking notice of it the points are marked up but added to the overall total so everyone is buying the cheapest option players available. hence like michael below has stated its easier to buy more top players. but on the whole I like it better. the stats are better and theres better up to date info, a few bugs in the first opening weeks but they seem to be dissapearing. one thing last year you could sometimes get a team playing twice in same week and people would pick more of those players. will this year apply the same or just one fixture a week per team it can catch a few people out sometimes.

    • I Think the old version was alot better. Now almost everyone has the same players ón the team, rvp, suarez, baines etc. Meaning we are only competing with 7 or 8 starters instead of 11... I like the new captain feature...

    • ITS SHEER RUBBISH ! everyone can afford all the top players and its a lottery as to your captain pick thats the only skill involved trying to get double points - BRING BACK THE OLD VERSION !!!!!!!!!!

    • I'm enjoying the new version tremendously Adam. I would have gone even further;
      - deduct 5pts for every player of your starting XI and on bench who does not feature in the PL game of that week.
      - all newbies be priced at the budget average of 150m/15 = 10m.
      - limit transfers to 4 per week, 1 for each position, no carrying forward of unused transfers.
      - transfer window opens after final game week price updates complete, and closes midnight before 1st game.
      - deduct 5pts for changing or transferring captain.
      - 1 formation only, 4-4-2 with substitutions like-for-like only, ie 1 per position.
      - managers must include 2 defensive midfielders and 2 centre backs in their starting XI.
      - a player's value cannot fall below 6m.
      - a captain's bonus points are subject to the following;
      ... 8pts deducted from bonus if his selling value is over £16m prior to deadline.
      ... 8pts added to bonus if his selling value is under 8m prior to deadline.
      - maximum of just 1 player per PL club.