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  • Alan Alan Oct 27, 2013 15:33 Flag

    yahoo in general

    Hi am fairly new to all this so cant comment on the old fantasy format but what I have noticed is there are a lot of unhappy yahoo users and are you all letting yahoo no how you all feel im from New Zealand and so far have found the whole site very user unfriendly to talk to anybody in customer support is like extracting teeth there is no easy way to find any email or 0800 number to call you get put onto a technical guru who wants to charge you $35 for some you want to tell the support team that really annoyed me but after 3 days i finally got a phone number and got hold of somebody need to call yahoo xtra and lay your compliant guys the more that call the more chance you will get some change no good voiceing you discontent in this forum good luck hope to chat later oh all so is there a group i could join

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    • Yahoo as a whole is now very American focussed and as a consequence I suspect they now know little of what we want or need in regards to this game. I'll be voting with my feet and not playing here next season - there's loads of better fantasy football games run by better companies - many offer prizes, are much better run and have properly administered support forums.