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  • Walton Walton Nov 9, 2013 23:11 Flag

    Classic case of if it's not broke don't fix it.

    Yahoo have really taken taken commercial suicide to new levels. Surely the least they could do is some sort of announcement or apology to those that have put up with this mess for 11 game weeks now. Whoever is ultimately responsible for this site should be ashamed. They've killed it.

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    • Surely commercial suicide would suggest people paid to play their fantasy football game. How much money do you give to Yahoo? Plus they've outsourced it now and someone else runs it for them. I've said this before, but will say it again. The old game was broken in so many ways at different times in the past. How long have you been playing it?

      I think they outsourced it, because otherwise they'd have just not bothered to run it at all. Cut the new people a bit of slack, else they might just not bother trying to get it right if all they get is crybaby whining. Also, stop claiming YFF has always been perfect when it hasn't. You're showing yourself up as either a liar or a noob.

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      • Whilst the old site may have needed updating the new game has taken away most of what was unique about Yahoo FF. Most people that play the yahoo game also play the official prem league FF game and tying to copy (unsuccessfully) their version you will see most people give up on yahoo and move over to the competition as their sites update straight away and have a much better user journey. Introducing captains and subs has ruined the yahoo experience, the only thing you have left is the unlimited transfers. But even then it is pretty much impossible to make the transfers on saturday afternoon (which was the key time to get players cheap) because the site is constantly broken.
        I think 11 games into the season is cutting the new people enough slack, and your threat to not bother fixing it is showing up in the amateur way the new site is designed. Either fix it, make it enjoyable again or admit you can't do the job and allow yahoo to out source it to someone that can run a website

      • Yahoo make money from their remnant display and potential sponsorship sales. So, by outsourcing it and not including a revenue model they have not only made it less viable financially but have also ruined the user experience by using a company that couldn't handle the size of the task. I hope that this new company (I guess you, Stu, must be a part of this business) paid Yahoo a a vast sum of money to run their site as I fear for the continuation of my favourite FF game.

        Walton has got it spot on.

        The earlier site had a couple of issues but they did not effect game play or effect scores. You have to understand that people have been playing this game for a long time and they have had a shocker in this redesign as it hasn't worked.

      • Right because paying to use a website is the only way to make money from it.... You're a bright spark aren't you. Funny how the one thing they have managed to get right is those flashy adverts. Where you getting your love for Yahoo from Stu being paid to post?

        I'm angry because I've played the old game long enough to think it was the best FF game out there. You would think that Yahoo would have the stones to admit they're struggling and communicate with it's dwindling audience. Maybe then I would 'cut them some slack'