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  • Anthony Anthony Dec 5, 2013 19:52 Flag

    Join my league for an extra challenge, limit on amount of foreign footballers, Great Britain Premier, enter a team

    Hello everyone, i have a league with an extra challenge, enter a team, you are allowed up to eight footballers out of fifteen in your team that are foreign including subs, the rest must be from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or Ireland. The reason for this is because i think if this was introduced in the Premier League then the England, Scotland and Wales teams would improve.
    If you want to join you wont lose any of your points that you have accumulated so far, they will still be valid in this league. If you want the challenge it is Group ID (12458) password (541flwl)

    Please join (as long as you do not mind that i am a Manchester City fan!)

    I will be checking to see that you are following the rules though and if i see more than eight foreign footballers in someones team they might be kicked out!