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  • Aaron Aaron Dec 5, 2013 22:35 Flag

    How Many Teams Are Playing?

    So, Yahoo tells us our rank globally, but I can't figure out how many total people are playing. My Rank right now is 270 globally, but I don't know if that is out of 2,000 or 2,000,000?!?!?! Anyone been able to determine how many users or how many teams are participating?


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    • 270! that awesome.... i am impressed with my spot at 7,910

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      • 10,459 here! Time to take this game seriously I think. I had been keen on risking RVP & Theo... but that's why I'm 10,459! And after spending a little time looking at how the 'top managers' operate... it's clear that the extra cash you can utilise each week by not having an active bench, more than compensates for having 'cover'.

        RVP! Moyes is getting worse than Fergie with his 'mind games'! Forever saying RVP's "close to return, nothing much wrong"... yet never saying when he will be back! Way too risky v Newcastle, when you can have a steady point scorer like Gerrard h) Hammers for 2m less.
        Theo? Reading about his prep for Cardiff & Hull it seems to have involved more vomiting than training! The guy clearly isn't match ready... even if he's okay now, too risky.
        Kun? We know Pelligrini has rotated in the past ahead of CL fixtures, and a) Bayern Munich on Tuesday is a biggie! Will he rest Kun a) Saints? He can always play 5-5-1 with Yaya leading the midfield off Negredo. Mind you, the a) Stoke rotation that day nearly backfired big time, they were hopeless and very lucky to draw... so on balance I think Kun will start and play an hour or so, to try to win the game.
        Oscar? Remains a doubt, I'm sure if he's fit he'll start, Jose likes him a lot.

        Right, time to trash the bench and think with my head! I might be gone a while...

    • Yes, it's over 500,000 globally.