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  • Digger Hoadley Digger Hoadley Dec 18, 2013 14:59 Flag

    Your striker and versus your keeper

    Does having a striker against your keeper give you more chance of getting more points with the dream of shots on target being awarded and the possibility of you keeper making a lot of saves against your striker. This is a romantic outcome and probably occurs now and then... This makes it a negative scoring situation for me because when that strikers scores a brace and an assist taboo as Suarez did last game week your keeper badly suffers so i don't think it warrants a selection of that ilk. Only one player can get three points from this outcome and i cant see the point of that risk or that kind of luck happening every game week so don't be silly a put your strikers going against your keepers or defenders for that matter. The realism of these actions do not match a realistic positive outcome for maximized points.

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