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  • Anthony Anthony Jan 2, 2014 18:04 Flag

    Happy New Year everyone, Arsenal injuries

    Hello everyone, Happy New Year, i hope you are all well. Özil is injured and Ramsey is injured, i cannot sell them because i bought them at a lower price (bought Özil for 6.29 and he is currently 12.48 and i bought Ramsey for 7.71 and he is currently 14.56) then i only have two defenders that play frequently (Terry and Baines). My other defenders are Oviedo, who again i do not want to sell because i bought him for 1.58 and he is now 10.64! also Kelly and Jenkinson who do not play much, maybe i have two options sell higher value players or stay with two.
    To run through my team, i currently have a 4 3 3 formation with Hart, Baines, Terry, Oviedo and Jenkinson, midfielders Wilshere, Barkley and Walcott, forwards Suarez as captain (obviously because he is lethal), Lukaku and Negrado. Substitutes Harper, Kelly, Ramsey and Özil.
    Most of my transfer funds are used, i just have 0.87 unless i sell, as a further complication the team must have no more than eight foreign footballers out of fifteen, the others must be from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or Ireland, these are the rules of the league that i have formed. Any thoughts?

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