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  • KakasH KakasH Feb 4, 2014 07:21 Flag

    Where the f*ck is Nemanja Matic ?

    I was waitnig for Nemanja Matiic to be added to the game after his transfer to Chelsea for two weeks , and he is nowhere to be found, he doesn't exist in this game..#$%$ ?
    Yesterday against City he was voted man of the match by most of the people who watched the game, and I think i could score some easy points with him, but i can't find him in the "transfer market" .
    Has anyone got the same problem or it's just me ?!

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    • Another towering display this week by the Man Everybody Wanted. Did he get any at all?

    • MATIC IS NOW ADDED ! :D bought him for 4.5

    • He will likely be introduced soon, with a value based on the points he has accrued in the games so far played - still likely to be well below market value, but a bit more realistic regarding the comparative value. Two issues here, the first one being that buying any specific Chelsea midfielder is a bit like playing Russian Roulette, but probably the main one being that Matic was about the only serious quality player brought in during the window. So if he goes straight into the game at about 6m, he gets bought by about 90% of active players and effectively the whole game becomes a 10 man game. You don't honestly think you are the only person who sees 'easy points' to be had, do you??? The same with Ozil - most players sussed that he was by far and away the best import at the season start - and that wasn;t disproved by his first couple of games before he accrued enough games for his price to become competitive. So I reckon about 80 per cent of active teams probably own Ozil (though I reckon some may be thinking of selling now!). So in effect a great player coming in at an unrealistic price does NOT make the game more competitive for managers lagging behind, in that it pretty much effectively reduces the number of spots where a manager can make a different selection to the rest of the managers. And there really isn't any need to swear.

    • The same here, Yahoo will introduce him with a skyhy price I assume!

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      • I thought so :(
        I really like giving a chance to players who've been newly transfered to the PL , they are cheap at the begining and there is chance that one of them will make a big impact. Like when i bought Ozil for 6.29 , bargain, he doubled his price..or when i added Debuchy for just 4.49...now he is 13.43 , so he alomost tripled his price :) But Matic won't be a bargain this time , that's a fact...