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    curbs your teams are so boring

    if there was a cup for the most boring, tedious, matches in a season then surely charlton would come close. curbs do you realise how boring your teams are. my cousin fell asleep watching your tactics.
    fans that i know would rather get relegated if it meant that you would #$%$ off. surely the lack of activity on this message board shows you that a number of fans have given up in caring about such a dull team. to sum up a dull manager managing a dull team. people dont go to football to watch nonsense like that. maybe you should manage england and then more people would realise how inept you are.

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    • Have YOU ever been to a Charlton game, whilst we may not have the financial resources of Chelsea, Man Utd and others, the team that Curbs has put together has proved week in and week out that it can compete against the very best, which is why Alan is being touted as a possible England manager.

    • for someone called markymark u are way off the mark. one simple stat will kill your whole argument. charlton are 3rd in a list of teams least involved in 0-0 draws the west brom game was only the 7th time in charltons prem history. charlton have been considered as a high attackig side with powerful counter attacking play

    • what the hell is this idiot on about??? what games have you ever seen involving charlton and them being boring. it's teams they play who #$%$ themselves at the thought of playing alan curbishley's team that make them go all out defence and make the game boring to watch - not charlton, so wake up and see that alan is the best manager in charlton's history and not bad for a manager outside the top 4 clubs in england. good job alan!!!

    • the points you make are way off the mark .most charlton fans are happy with what the manager has achived. we were not boring for 1st part of the season, then we got some good hidings , back too the drawing board . curbs has steaded the ship.40pts next target poss cup run.so wake up matey most of the bottom half teams fans would swap charltons position . the premership is just one big bore would be a better statement, 4 teams with a realistic chance of winning the league the rest playing not to be relegated.