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  • ken ken Aug 24, 2006 20:53 Flag

    06/07 team

    Earlier in the year Markymark86000 headed an article "Curbs your teams are so boring"
    To paraphrase I would add "Ian D your team borders on inept" and to add insult to injury I note the press comments "Ian Dowie applauds the Red Devils".
    How about using our wingers (Rommerdahl for 3 minutes) instead of lending them to other teams? Who was D Bent seeking to pass those won headers to?? Why is Young left to carry the ball all the way (and then not have the pace to get back)? Why were so many of our front-runners (or were they designated mid-field) so pedestrian at this stage of the season at this level?
    On the 2 league performances so far it is difficult to see where any goals, in open play, might come from.
    If the players on display ARE so jaded (or past their 'sell-by date') then how about persevering with our youngsters (Gislasen et al). Then, at least, we might have a reason (hopefully short term) for not matching up to the task in hand.