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    Dowie MUST Go !!!

    This is the worst start to our season for I can't remember how long. I've been a Charlton fan all my life and Dowie has made me think twice about it. What has he ever achieved? I was sad to see Alan go but Dowie in his place? Change him while we still can!!!

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    • Well here we are about a month after Dowie has gone, the assisstant manager is still in charge ( to be respected hes a charlton man through and through as I understand) but the results still have not come through. Having invested in players and Dowie and run up a bit of debt doing so, having made the bold decision to get rid of dowie quickly I now can't quite understand why you guys have not act quickly to replace him with someone who can make the club secure this year. I'm not at all convinced you'll survive in the prem unless someone new comes in and revitalises the side. But then maybe i'm not close enough to it to judge and the real fans and the club feel progress is being made. Fortunatle for you guys we are still at that stage of the season when two or three good results can change things for you.

    • I'm an outsider (arsenal fan) but would think this is difficult to call. On the one hand you're right and if Dowie is not doing well you need a change early while there are still some games to pull things around... you know what they say about teams that are bottom at christmas.

      On the other hand I genuinely think Dowie is a good manager, he appeared to have well motivated players at palace and I would have thought with a bigger budget would have been able to do better given time.

      On balance I would say it doesn't pay to chop and change managers unless theres pressure form the players and they have lost confidence in him. At the moment I don't think thats happened even though a propeortion of the fans must be very worried.

      I'd say he's been chosen, he's spent his cash, he has a decent track record, and you need to risk sticking with him as the instability of a chnage may be even worse than giving him some time to sort things out. If you're bottom at christmas the board may need to start looking for the paul daniels of football management as that would have been more than enough time I think to establish himself and get a bit of a run going. A couple of victories would turn things around for you at the moment.

    • Dowie has bought some quality players to the club and we must give them time to settle, the club got stale under Alan, give Dowie some time he will prove to be the man!

    • Yes I agree, he seems to be a decent guy, but sadly doesn't appear to have the tactical skills to cut the mustard. It was right for Alan to go, he'd reached a plateau, but we need somebody to take us forward to the next level. Dowie is taking us down. Watching the side since he took over, and in fact, in the last season or so, has been very disheartening. When did Charlton last dominate a match? Wins, like against Bolton have been lucky - they missed countless chances. Yes, I am sorry to say so, but we need to get another new manager - of far higher calibre - FAST!

    • When Dowie joined us a good old friend of mine, a Palace supporter said "I hope he does for you what he did TO us"!! All I can say is he came from the Championship and went back there. I am worried he is homesick. Where can we get some expertise now?