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  • I can't help but feel sorry for charlton fans, for years the club did really well on a pitifully small budget, the curbishley goes and the hwole thing has come crashing down, just at the time when tv money was due to rise and therefore give you the opportunity over a few seasons to differentiate yourselves from strugglers in the prem or new arivals. It just shows the effect of good and bad managers and how dangerous badly managed change can be.

    I still for the life of me can't see why having taken the decision to get rid of Dowie ( rightly or wrongly) the club has persisted with reed, I didn't think he had the experience to keep you up when it was announced and I still don't think he has.... my betting would be George Graham ( not everyones favourite I know but a real martinet and no one ever enjoyed playing one of his sides) might be worth a look... Pardew I don't think will have it in him having just been sacked, and other good managers in the championship seem to be happoy in their seats. Good luck with it anyway but I fear the worst for you guys.