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  • michael h michael h Dec 27, 2006 01:42 Flag

    away fans??

    As a Boro fan, can i ask why only 36 away fans turned up at the Riverside?? I know things aint going great at the moment but that really is poor!! we had more fans coming from romania n Switzerland last season?????

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    • That's nothing mate,i'am a west ham fan and when they played us there was a about 200 maybe 300 at most and to think we are not that far away from each other it show's you how good there fan base is {not}.but i must say they were well robed last night that was never hand ball, shame :) :):):) .

    • you trying watching this lot of underachivers and overpaid players.remember this was xmas weekend and with the greatest respect who wants to go to boro on that weekend.well done the FA again for the fixture list.it is a little bit pot calling the kettle black with the home crowds you get at boro.take the FA Cup replay last year you could not fill your ground for a quarter final.to the west ham fan , what a lot of nonsense you speak,we always bring 2000 down your place. the usual allocation we get from you. look forward to you lot down our place in feb, just remind you 52 years since you won down there.to the boro fan lets see how many are down next sat