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  • me me May 8, 2007 08:00 Flag

    Hollow words I know, but.....

    Hard luck lads...youll be back soon.

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    • No Sir - we are most unlikely to 'be back soon'.
      Sadly we do need a Manager, in the fullest sense of the word, and not just a fairly competent coach. There appears to be such a widespread lack of motivation (as well as some basic skills) among those rejoicing as 1st team squad members that special measures, which do not appear to be in Mr Pardew's repertoire, are required. "I'm disappointed" and a variety of other epithets made following games we REALLY should have won just do not 'cut the mustard'.

    • Taking stock of this (abysmal) season, i think that this was evitable as soon as Curbs resigned. Having been his club for 15 years and then to get the likes of Dowie as our new manager was never going to work. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but three major points in this season have to be:

      Hiring then firing Dowie. The man was a waste of resources and having blown next years transfer budget on average at best players as well hasnt helped at all. This may be why Darren Bent leaves as well as there is no money in the kitty

      Hiring Pardew. Much better manager than either Reed or Dowie despite all the scandal about Tevez etc. Really thought we could put it off until...

      Not beating Sheffield United. We were all over them, 2 points above relegation zone and had lots of chances but not capitalising was fatal.

      Player of the season: Gotta be Darren
      Manager of the season (you know its gone well where you can have a choice of more than 2): Alan Pardew

      Anyone elses thoughts?