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  • Chuck Chuck Apr 29, 2008 16:37 Flag

    Another disappointing season

    It all went downhill when we sold Reidy. We've only won something like 5 games since he got injured mid December! Flogging your skipper and the best palyer in the division (a cert for team of the year) was a massive mistake. We're destined for mid tanble obscurity for a couple of years unless Pards pulls off some amazing business this summer, which given his track record is unlikely!

    And isn't this our lowest finish since the season before we won the playoffs against Sunderland, so 1996/97! Unbelievable...

    To be honest I don't really mind finishing mid table, as long as we play a bit of football and it's OK to watch. Unfortunately we're very much kick and rush at the moment, which is really boring.