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  • Richard Richard Oct 16, 2005 01:26 Flag

    Eat your words Souey and Rodney

    Before the season Rodney Marsh stated that Wigan Athletic are not fit to be in the Premier League and deserved to be relegated. Souness said we would 'bully Newcastle off the park' and that he only remembered Paul Jewell at Liverpool as a kid when he (Souness) was a 'Big Hit'.

    Well we all know what happened to Rodney Marsh, sacked for insensitive mouthing off and Souness has been a disaster wherever he has managed. Time for them both to eat their words.

    Well done Paul

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    • Rodney marsh in the most incompetant waste of space pundit ive ever heard.

      He talks complete and utter #$%$, he believes all rhe hype, and goes for the 'obvious results like hes a robot, without studying form, injuries or anything else'.

      First off if you wach his Prem predictions, he has an obsession with arsenal winning 2-0. He predicted that they would beat Boro 2-0, west ham 2-0 and west brom 2-0. Two of which the gunners lost 2-1 and the other they drew 0-0. He hardly gets any of his predictions right and like I say he goes for the obvious, without looking at form. How he got to be a pundit I dont know, hes awful.

      I watched Wigan in the championship last season and wasnt sure how they would do, but I'm loving their start, I think Jewell is a good bloke and Im really pleased for the team, if they can get at least 4 points out of their next 3 matches before the big boys come along I think Wigan would have a great chance to survive, remember west brom had about 10 points at X MAS last season. Wigan have already got 16!


    • Big up to Wigan. I didn't honestly think u would survive this season, but your holding ur own with the big boys. Lets see Wigan casting a shadow over the Scousers at the end of the season.
      All the Best. MUFC.