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  • Andrew Andrew Dec 15, 2005 20:11 Flag

    Wigan - Relegated

    The last 5 games have proved that Wigan will be relegated this season. They just had a lucky start. What does anyone else think.

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    • Then they (Wigan) will become the side with the most points ever to go down. I strongly suspect, it is far more likely they wil be in Europe, rather than in the Championship!

    • Your an idiot !

      I'm a Chelsea fan so I have no axe to grind, but anyone can see that Wigan are not going down this season.

    • you seriously have to be kidding? sure it was a bad run but relegated with the likes of sunderland and birmingham propping up the table i think not dude.

      christmas time and we are higher then arsenal, try telling me anyone predicted that at the start of the seaon!

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      • People should think again what they say about your team Wigan latic fans.Well well the reason why you are staying in this league becasue you have good management at your club.We mackems do not.Idoits like Rodney Mash are a waste of space.Its all well people say Sunderland being a bigger club than you lot which is true.Thats not the point latic fans.The point is it all about good management not money.You on 40 points no chance you will relegated.That is that.

    • Absolute rubbish!!! They had played on the trot the top 5 teams in the country, what do you expect. They then follow up with two wins on the bounce. I suppose that was lucky too. They need 40 points to stay up and as they now have 34, they will stay up. It would be interesting to know who you support so that we can understand why you are so biased.

    • get a life you will be relegated

    • The original poster I guess is feeling a little embarrased at this stage I guess - and probably realises he/she should concentrate on trying to speak from his/her mouth - I'm not a Wigan fan by any means and truly expected them to struggle before the season began, but after watching a few of their games (yes the full games, not just MOTD's biased highlights) I've been very impressed by the teams play - even against Chelski they were a little unlucky to lose.

      I won't go as far as European qualification this year but I expect them to finish quite close (maybe 7th - 10th) which I guess wasn't a realistic possibilty to most fans at the start of the season.

      Good on you Wigan

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      • I amsure along with me ( now wigan fan) but football fan.I have watched a few games and Wigan are refreshing to watch ,against aarsenal they never gave up a great match ,and the OP was a pisstake ,to get people talking about Wigan .Jewel has proved himself before and although a scouser he is a likeable one ,and that alone is a great acheivement.
        I think they will finish in the top seven .

    • I don't believe Wigan's poor showing in the last 5 games is proof enough that Wigan will be relegated. Look at the teams that Wigan has played in those 5 games. Did you expect Wigan to beat Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool ...? No I think we are expecting too much from them. Judge them from the games they play with these other small teams. Wigan will bounce back stronger and will trounce these other small teams. I predict that Wigan will finish in the Top 7.

    • how can you say that they have shown guts and determination
      so far this season with average players jewell has worked wonders not a hope they will go down have you any idea what your talking about

    • Wigan are a joy to watch they are playing skillful entertaining football and remind me of the old Norwich City in the 90's. They will be up there for many more seasons. Go Wigan!!!!!!!!!!!!

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