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  • I am a liverpool fa, but i thought i would say how fantastic your team has done this season! Brilliant lads, paul is brilliant to.
    keep it up, and im looking forward to next year. hopefully wigan can keep it up!!
    love a liverpool fan!!!

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    • I was born & bred in Wigan, love Wigan rugby (although prefer my even closer union team, Orrell)

      My love however is football, I love the Latics, and am so proud of what we have achieved this season.

      Thanks for the support everyone who isn't a Latics fan, it is greatly appreciated.

      My boyfriend's a Liverpool fan but I think he secretly supports Wigan as his second team.

      I am currently trying to convert French people into Latics fans, instructing them in typical Wigan phrases etc.

      I really hope we finish well this season, hoping for 7th or better.