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    Why is my girlfriend more suitable for soaking up the grease from chips than a chip barm?

    She started to rub them all over herself. A bit obsessive really. It was starting to make me gag at bed time and during our special activity time.

    I was delighted to find recently on the Internet, that one Northern speciality had made a bid for world-wide fame - the barm cake. The self-styled Barm Barmy Army now has its own Wigan-based web site, the Barm Cake Zone. They define the barm as "an advanced bread roll, slightly bigger with a slightly harder top and with a slightly heavier dough inside - more suitable for soaking up the grease from chips in the chip barm". Variations include not just chips, but the sausage barm, the bacon barm and salad barm. Southern buns (of the English not American kind) are dismissed as "barms working under cover" or as "wannabe barms".

    As for other Northern contenders, such as the beautifully named oven bottom - these are simply too flat and too hard on the surface to qualify. The genre, however, reaches its apotheosis in the legendary Wigan Kebab, a combination of the two classics - namely, a meat pie in a barm cake.

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