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  • mr_lister2000 mr_lister2000 Jan 22, 2007 22:04 Flag

    Your Pitch... and some memories of days gone by!

    As a scouser with one half of the family from Wigan, I have to say it pains me to watch the fall from grace of Wigan FC.

    Your pitch is an absolute disgrace and the rugby season hasn't even kicked off yet!

    Our tactics yesterday were quite simple. You aint gonna be able to pass on that surface so boot it forward for AJ to chase but with the appalling weather condistions even booting the ball forward became a nightmare.

    The pitch has got to be sorted so that you can get back to playing it to feet like last season.

    As for Heskey, the guy has never been able to stand on his feet and he's proving even more now that he needs stabilisers. Unfortunately he's been a waste of money for every club that has bought him. he's so over-rated it's untrue but has managed to convince clubs he's worth over £5 million everytime he's moved on. How? Birmingham must've jumping for joy when Wigan came in for him and paid £5 million again.

    Unfortunately your small squad with a lack of quality in-depth is going to prove your undoing this season and it pains me to say it.

    I used to go watching Wigan with my uncle when they were in the old 4th Division and had just joined the league in 1978 (I was 7 then but a regular season ticket holder at Everton!) and have watched many a game at Springfield Park, including one against Crewe when a certain goalkeeper called Bruce Grobelaar played and he was unbeatable that day!

    I hope the worst doesn't happen but the pitch has got to be sorted first. It's a Conference-looking pitch at the minute and that's not helping you.

    Good luck anyway!