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  • George George Apr 29, 2007 19:05 Flag

    You Dont Always Get What You Want !!!!

    Hello Wiganers, West Ham fan here, try to get us 6 points deducted eh? Things you'll do to try and stay up....I think you thoroughly deserved your 0-3 hammering as maybe that will teach your board that dirty tactics dont work.

    Being a West Ham fan we know a thing or two about honour and decency so we'll leave it at that and may the best team not get relegated.

    Justice has been served !!!

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    • I can't see the problem, if West Ham have breached the rules then points should be deducted, BUT, at the beginning of next season.
      Contracts do not keep you up, winning matches do!
      If Wigan can't obtain enough points then they go down, the same for any other team facing relegation.

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      • Thats how I feel mate, we should be deducted 6 points from the start of next season whether we are in championship or Prem.

        If we lose to Bolton tomorrow then we are relegated and thats life. We have played terrible for 2/3 of a season and no team deserves to be in the Prem for playing like that. The bottom 6 clubs have all played terrible this season and we all deserve to be in the position we are in so whoever stays up is lucky and whoever drops gets what they deserve IMO

        Best of luck to everyone in the biggest dogfight the Prem has ever seen :-)

    • Hello West Hammer. Birmingham Fan here. I agree with Wigan,and along with all Non-London team followers.You DO deserve points deducted. Just WHY should you be different to Rotherham or any other team that blatently breaks the rules and not have points deducted?. £5.5m is small change in the Prem these days. If you don't get relegated I hope that the teams that do get relegated appeal, as the precedent is already set, for ALL teams not all EXCEPT London teams.
      ALL THE BEST TO YOU WIGAN, and say Hello to Emile from us at ST.Andrews.

    • Honour and decency, ha ha you make me laugh west ham deserve to be relegated hope you enjoy going to the likes of scunthorpe next season.