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  • safsaf safsaf May 15, 2007 01:21 Flag

    Manager's Pressure

    There are always a pressure to be a football manager,if you handle well,you're in heaven,if you not handle well,you're in hell.Paul Jewell resign as Wigan's manager because he Struggled With Nerves,I 'm not surprise with that.
    Look at Sir Alex,he works in MU club over 20 years,he deal with pressure almost 20 years,I have to give him credit.You must be very strong and capable or else you'll end up like a loser.

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    • I bet Mr Wheelan must be feeling really sick now:He made a rash decision in appointing a manager so that he can go and concentrate and more pressing matters: Getting West Ham relegated through the courts!
      Had he waited a just two days later, he could have brought in someone equally like him at the JJB.
      Just imagine: a team of Wheelan and Warnock!It may yet still materialise in due course!
      Paul J had to go as he is too nice to be there.Surely;that cannot be a place for a gentle man in the mould of Paul!He could foresee the nonesense around him and acted swiftly and began concentrating and focussing on the job to be done!