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  • mebbeh im the only wiganer with electricity, nevermind a computer ;-)

    im pleased with the progress the team are making, and i think Steve is doing a fantastic job. If we can keep Heskey and Valencia, and bring in more quality, we'll be playing in europe pretty soon. If you look at Wigan as a town, it is a predominantly rugby league town, and the football club, and its fans suffer as a consequence, but were a good team, and you cant take that away from us.

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    • Hey don't get me wrong,just a little friendly jibe.I actually have a soft spot for Wigan ever since the days when you tried 3 times (was it ?) to get elected to the football league.I could never get over the injustice of winning the (what was it called then?) ameteur league,and being told you were not up to proffesinal standards.Didn't Saint and Greavsie(now there was a football show!) champion your cause?That and reading The Road to Wigan Pier as a teenage rebel! And also having an interest in Northern Soul.
      Keep The Faith.
      p.s Shame your gonna get stuffed tomorrow! C.O.Y.S