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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 10, 2008 15:25 Flag

    Olympic Games - Televised Cycling.

    Absolutely bloody typical!!! Brit ES screw up again!!!

    While I was watching the Mens road race yesterday, it was mentioned that the Womans road race would be live on Brit Eurosport.

    I tuned in to watch our own Nicole Cooke & Emma Pooley compete and much to my surprise Brit ES are showing live Olympic rowing instead!!

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    • BBC coverage of the Olympic cycling on interactive is fantastic, I've not even bothered to look at the Eurotennis schedule.

    • typical of eurosport again yesterday, couldn't watch live yesterday so sky+'ed it . was really enjoying the race until sky+ ran out with 7 kms to go. this has happened so many times in the tour and the giro this year , even with highlight shows not just live feeds which can be expected sometimes. they seem to change the times of programes with no notice given , if u r taping the show or sky+ing it this really screws u up
      PS :: can anyone stop fabian cancellara in the time triall