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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 17, 2009 05:42 Flag

    Eurosport sponsoring Armstrong?

    What exactly is the problem everyone has with Lance Armstrong's return to racing? - I believe it is for the good of the sport that LA has decided to race again & it is for a good cause afterall.

    Most of the people who post negative comments on here are probably new to the sport of cycling and feel they are justified in the vilification of the man!

    I am probably one of the very few who hopes he does well not just in the Tour of California, but any other race that he enters this year be it the Spring Classics, Giro, Dauphine or TDF!

    It will be interesting to see him, Contador, Liepheimer, Popovych & Kloden riding in the same team.

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    • Speaking solely for myself, it is his arrogance that puts me off. Yes, he's won more TdFs than most; yes, he's beaten testicular cancer; but I still can't warm to the man. Sorry.

    • There's no problem at all with LA returning to racing. Entirely his prerogative. If that what he wants to do, fair enough. He wants to raise money to fight cancer, good on him. What is the problem is the complete OTT reporting of LA's return to the point where the other cyclists, many of whom are hugely talented, are effectively ignored by the media. It's the effect of devout worship of 'St Lance' to the detriment of the other riders, the event and cycling sport generally. There is a whole lot more to cycling than Lance Armstrong, and any newwcomer to the sport could be forgiven for thinking that there is only one cyclist that matters. And that is not good for the sport. Having been involved with cycling for many years, there's been many a cyclist who has done as much and more than LA (there's more than the TdF in the calendar) and this seems to be forgotten in the media clamour around 'St Lance'.

    • I think the problem is that the media talks, writes and breaths of nothing else but Armstrong ad ignore the other riders or details ofthe race. It IS boring and irritating. Read Eurosport's story on yesterday's stage for example. Nothing abut the race, how it unfolded, the dramatic Leipheimer-Peterson battle etc. Instead, ou see the nae of Armstrong on the first praragraph and the other riders just because they preceeded his name. Article starts and ends with Amstrong...

      Perterson takes stage; Levi yellow
      Eurosport - Tue, 17 Feb 00:03:00 2009

      Thomas Perterson of the Garmin-Slipstream team won the second stage of the Tour of California while Astana's Levi Leipheimer has taken the yellow jersey.

      Lance Armstrong is still very much in contention as he is fourth in GS just 30 seconds behind team-mate Leipheimer after a wet day on the US West Coast.

      Overall Standings

      1 Levi Leipheimer (USA) Astana 9h23'3"

      2 Michael Rodgers - Team Columbia at 23"

      3 David Zabriskie - Garmin at 27"

      4 Lance Armstrong - Astana at 30"

      5 Christopher Horner - Astana at 33