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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 18, 2009 01:20 Flag

    A.B.C. = Anybody But Cavanshit !!!!

    Deary me,

    You really do sound like one bitter-minded individual. I may be wrong but it seems that the green-eyed jealousy monster is alive and well one again.

    At the moment Cavendish is the best sprinter around so why shouldn't he do a bit of showboating when he outsprints Hushovd?

    I think it would be great if he could retain the Green Jersey all the way to the Champs E'lleses!

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    • I was glad to see Hushovd regain the jersey today; Thor is a genuine Tour de France racer, not some glorified track cyclist like Cavendish, who claimed the mountains "would be no problem."

      Hushovd was right up front of the peloton, and Cavendish showed that anything other than a flat road and a teammate's wheel to suck on is too much for him. He wants to win on the Champs Elysees, but he'll never make it to Paris. He'll time out through the Alps.

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      • michael k....just a quick reminder to you that your prediction that cav would not get over the alps was shot to bits,he did get over both pyrenees and alps and therefore will be in paris this afternoon on the champs elysees,whether he wins there i don't know,but he will be giving it his best shot to win for his sponsors(who pay his wages!)and his team mates who set up the final kilometres for the sprint if they not got a rider in breakaway.
        as for cav not being able to timetrial,why should he try to set the world alight in that discipline?,do the top tour time trialists cancellara,armstrong,millar,contador etc win bunch sprints?,no they don't!.
        cipolinni,mcewan,boonen,steels,freire,zabel,pozzatto etc where in exactly same position and rode to their strengths as surely it makes sense to as that is what sponsor pays them for?.

      • Anything other than a flat road?????? I take it you didn't watch that notoriously flat race Milan - San Remo

      • Hahahahahahahahahahaha.