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  • i think our major problem at the moment is robbo does not know his best side or even the core of it.he needs to pick what he thinks is the best and stick with it and change it when necesarry not the wholesale experimentation he seems to be doing at present. my current best eleven is kirkland robinson albrectsen davies clement greening(left) gera(right) watson (holding) kanu("hole") upfront ellington and kamara with chappers carter ina horse on the bench.

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    • If you haven't got it by now then forget it...Robbo has his multiple squads for multiple situations as shown verus Bolton...play for the tie my good men...what a jerk...

    • No room for Earnshaw then.
      My best 11 Kirkland, Albreksen, Robinson, C. Davies, Clement, Gera (right), Greening (left) (I wish he would deliver crosses first time though instead of trying to beat defenders 2/3 times), Inamoto and Kanu in the middle, with Earnshaw and Ellington upfront. Subs - Chaplow, Kamara, Big Dave, Campbell. Kamara does have the ability to chage a game and Campbell does occasionally have the knack of scoring. Chaplow and Big Dave could be used to tighten things up if we ever get into a lead with only 10 mins to go. Sorry for leaving out Horsefield but he doesnt look like scoring again this season. I know he only normally gets 10 mins but he looks disinterested. I think Watson and Scimica are long bast their best.