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  • Bob Bob Dec 17, 2005 00:53 Flag

    George Best

    Paul, you’re the pillock here, you use a football message board to air your personal problems in public, (looking for the sympathy vote?). Show me the facts about donor decline caused by George Best! The NHS figures certainly don’t reflect that you are correct, or did you read it in the Sun newspaper? From now on seek a support group for your problems and keep off football message boards. Oh and look up the use of the word “their”, should it of been “there”?

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    • In the original message you typed it's, 'you're' not 'your', twat!... and following from the original post, I was just expanding a genral view of what a pillock George Best was, not airing my own problems... The fact that THERE was a downturn in donors was widely reported on every major news channel and in most newspapers, including the Times. I've never read the Sun but that must be an intellectual paper for you, as you obviously read the Daily Sport...

    • Oh and after your post I did one quick search and found this..
      read it and weep arsehole....