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  • Paul Paul Dec 17, 2005 17:35 Flag

    George Best

    George best killed himself and was not ill, it was all self induced I am not blaming him for my daughter.. He only had himself to blame for his condition THATS THE POINT.. What do they dish out for brains past the Watford gap?

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    • I will repeat that which I stated before, George Best was ill; he had a genetic defect that caused him to be an alcoholic. You seem to be unable to distinguish between alcoholism and alcohol abuse. He was not to blame for his condition his parents passed the gene to him in the same way that you and your wife/partner each passed a defective gene to your daughter. Does that mean that your daughter only has her self to blame?

      You said that you are not blaming George Best for your daughter. I never said you were. I accused you of blaming GB for your problems, the problem you stated in your post was that there might not be a transplant available for your daughter and you most definitely blamed GB for that.

      I realise that you may feel guilt and shame for causing your daughter’s condition but that is no excuse for you blaming George Best for the fact that your daughter may not be able to get a transplant.

      I am at a loss to understand the reference to the Watford gap. My grandfather, who was born in England thinks it is a railroad cutting but was unable to elaborate further.

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      • Amazing how everyone with a habit/substance abuse problem these days is the victim of bad genes. Bad genes my #$%$, he was a pisspot. Drinking, like smoking and any other number of habits is exactly that... a habit. As far as I am aware, the only people who genuinely cannot deal with alcohol because of a physiological problem are North American indians, as they (genetically) lack the enzyme to break down the alcohol in the way that everyone else does.

      • You are talking thru your arse!! I agree with everyone else....he was a fool to waste his god given talent,if he knew he had a problem with alcohol,which he did,any other normal human being would have got help and advice from their doctor....did he.....no he went to the bar and confided in the barman,he thought it wouldn't kill him cos he wasn't like anyone else.....but he was wrong!!

    • I have now had the Watford gap thing explained to me, as I understand it the meaning is that anyone born North of the Watford gap is stupid. Well mate you can not get much further South of the Watford gap than Tasmania and that is where I live and was born.

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      • My Last Post On the Subject:
        If he had a Pre-dispostion towards drinking as you say, you make my point for me. Why should he have been given a donor Liver? there were and are more deserving people who would not waste the 2nd chance given to them. Luckily families do not know where their bereaved loved ones organs are donated too. Can you imagine how a Mother/Spouse/ or other bereaved relative would feel if they knew that their Child/Spouse's organs had been wasted in this way.
        Oh and my daughter is not my biological daughter so this thing about feeling guilt is way off. As I have said, I just mentioned my daughter as a way to highlight that there are people waiting for organs, (fortunately my daughter currently is not amongst them as she is fine at the moment) who are far more deserving than a, "non reformable" alcholic to be given a donor organ.