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  • Am I the only football fan who is fed up of everyone trying to cannonise the late George Best. Sure the man had been a great footballer in his day, and I feel sorry for his family in their time of grief but, lets face it, he was not the type of roll model I would want to hold up to my children.
    Not only did he drink his own liver into submission but he then went on to drink someone elses into submission too. One wonders if he had not been "The Great George Best" would the doctors who made the decision on his suitability for a transplant 3 years ago not have declined him the liver and given it to a recipient who would have treasured a second chance.
    Despite being married to several beautiful women he failed to stay faithful to any of them, preferring a high life of wine, women and more wine and women.
    It seems to me that people place more credit on a persons dribbling, passing and shooting skills than they do on a persons loyalty, honesty, fidelity, self control and common decency. How can this be right?

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    • Besty's a legend because of his sheer brilliance all round. Can't think of a weakness---don't be predictably droll--- women and drink.
      Remember the guy, if you were lucky enough to see him on the pitch, bringing you on the terraces to your feet time and time again with his magic.
      It all went wrong George, but while you were on song you lived up to your name---Best.

    • yes your right the man was a good player in his day but got to big for his boots and lost it he was a drunk and now they have named an airport after a drunk god help the people flying the planes there ha ha one for the road sir

    • A lot of what you have said is true...but like millions of other footballing fans around the World...i will continue to mourn the loss of Georgie.
      As far as i am concerned he was and still is the greatest footballer of all time...as a man...not so great...but i still love him and i'm a bloody W.B.A. fan...God Bless you Georgie and your family of fans that were totally immersed in your talent.

    • Geogre Best was a drunk and a wife beater if the truth be known he jumped the waiting list for a transplant when some that needed it missed out and then he just carried on drinking say no more a good player in his day not brill just good pele was ace best isnt even in his shadows so give it a rest about a player that shaged anything beat women drunk all the time and turned his back on his club


      jo Belfast

    • The man was a drunk who took the chance some els should have had not a drunk and a wife beater and as for a good footballer he was a mupet even man utd sacked him

    • george best was a talented loser like most present day footballers ,most of them are #$%$ with a talent and are paid far to much money , occasionaly you get a real genuine pro but they are becoming fewer and fewer !!!

    • Well said matt737041 there is a funny sense of reality about what this man George Best was. I work with Alcoholics and this man was given the chance of life and he threw it back in their faces his football talent was genius but his life skills were non existant he definately is no saint.so can we concentrate on the good things in life and move on

    • completely agree..in his day an entertaining footballer for a brief time..obviously more iconic than his career deserved due to the 5th beatle effect. can you imagine what it´ll be like in Brazil and Argentina when Pele & Maradona join George...

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      • I think the Maradonna analogy is very apt given his problems with drugs and alcohol abuse. Also, given the "Hand of God" incident one would also have to question Maradonnas attitude towards fair play and honesty. On the whole a similarly poor role model as GB for anyones kids. However, the great Pele was truely a remarkable player and has proved to be a great ambassador for the game and his country.
        While all three players can be compared in terms of footballing ability, I think Pele stands head and shoulders above GB and DM as a human being.
        As and when the time comes for his passing, and one hopes that will not be for a good while yet, then Pele will be truely and rightly mourned around the world as a great man and a remarkable footballer.

    • My daughter has Cystic Fibrosis and may need a Heart Lung Transplant and possibly a Liver transplant too, thanks to Georgie boy the number of donors has gone down dramatically.... CHEERS m8 your where u deserve to be hope its hot down there...

    • amen to all that>> I believe in forgiveness but this guy had choices just like the rest of us!! We are all weak and feeble human beings.But lets all be honest about how we see ourselves and take responsibilty instead of blaming the world

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