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  • Im a welsh supporter an feel that Earnshaw derserves better than what is happening at the moment to him at WBA. i fink hes a great player, an bound to get a team goals. jus wounderin waa the supporters fink of him??

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    • earnshaw was found out ,he was most definately not a premiership player ! yes he knew where the goal was but his overall contribution to the game was poor,his manager and a better pro than earnie can ever be pointed out his weaknesses only for earnie to act like a spoilt child not a professional ( typical of most over paid scumbags playing football today ) Goodbye earnie you will not be missed at WBA .Remember players only play for themselves whilst managers do their best for the club ! well done Robson for not standing for earnies antics, likewise for Koumas.

    • Eanshaw is the worst footballer in west bromich albions history they should just release him and buy a 12 year old kid he probably would play better.also he probably reach the balls in the air.earnshaw is worth nothing not even 10 pence

    • Being honest, in Earnie we have an excellent 1st division striker. I always fancy him to score in a one on one situation, but his overall game is not up to Prem standards. A bit light weight.

    • If you saw how poor and uninterested he was against reading you would back robbo to get rid as soon as possible. Albion are a team of grafters and earnie aint even close to the rest

    • If ever Earny showed he wasn't worth £3m it was last night against Reading. Ok he was short of match practice, but he had 90 mins of giving the ball away and not creating any chances even on the few occasions he did receive the ball at his feet.
      If he hasn't left the club yet its because noone else thinks he is worth having either, especailly at that price.

    • well he does, im a wba supporter also welsh. he deserves to be playing all the time cos he kept up last season and hes an international and they dun even play him. he was west broms top scorer last season. robsons bein a noob atm.

    • to be fair he prob has 5 shots a game with 4 going into row z,he lacks composure,awareness and tracking back when req at this time,but in his favour we launch it up in the air to him most of the time so we aint playing to his strengths anyhow.he will come good sooner rather than later but he needs to be at a established prem side(charlton etc) where they can have a bit of time and paitence with him,as we are in need of something instant and proven to stay up,fans like him but he frustrates to often !!

    • Yes, I agree too that Earnie can get a few goals if given the opportunity. However, the team as a whole is not very imposing when going into attack or isn't attacking much and this greatly limits the chances for goals (ie not creating a lot of changes). Without the chances, Earnie is not dangerous. Unlike a player like Yakubu, Yakubu is dangerous as he always move into dangerous positions or when he has the ball he is always trying to do something damaging to the opposition's defence. I think if I'm a defender I will feel very uneasy playing against Yakubu. In short, I think Earnie's contribution when WBA doesn't have the ball is significant. And Robson is trying to get him to do more rather than just wait for the ball upfront. He should come down and try to get the ball. Rooney always roam about the midfield to get the ball and once with the ball you can anticipate something bad happening to the opposition. Players like Rooney and Yakubu and "dangerous"! Not so for Earnie.