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  • L L Feb 2, 2006 18:28 Flag

    Who will go down???

    Hi west brom fans, what do you think your chances are??
    Birmingham are coming good, pompey have a new team, who do you think will go down.
    Middlesbrough are looking a bit iffy, what about west brom???????
    By the way..... as a pompey fan i will tell you if quashie plays anything like he did for us, you have a real gem on your hands, and robson was mad to get rid of earnshaw, his a great little player.

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    • I think Middlesborough look dodgy but maybe a little too good, Portsmouth won't gel in time probably come good just in time for the end of the season and provide a close finish for one of the Midlands teams hopefully Birmingham. Sunderland unfortunately for them are a cert.