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  • Wayne Wayne Mar 5, 2006 09:07 Flag

    Chelsea #$%$

    I'm not a West Brom fan but I would have loved to see Bryan Robson deck that Chelsea #$%$ Jose Marinio, or at least smudge his lip-stick, the useless, piece of #$%$ nancyboy. I'm sure you all remember his kind from school days, the one that always had a split lip.
    Bad luck on not beating Chelsea, lads, and here's one Villa fan that would have loved to see you beat that team.

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    • I agree totally with you mate ! However i must say it's the most animated robson has looked all season so maybe it wasn't all bad ! May the best team win on Sunday ! We do need the points more, so if you're feeling generous ??!

    • I am an arsenal fan, i'd agree entirely with your comments.
      Robbo is a down to earth no compromise sort of guy but he's not an oik like Moaniho. I never thought I'd say this but hopefully man u will overhaul them and win the league, it'll serve them right after their dreadful behaviour this season... they act like nouveau riche russians at a society dinner... then again perhaps thats what they are. Good luck to WBA in your relagation fight.... as an outsider I find those matches pretty thrilling, sunderland are down.. but as for the rest its still anyones to take... you showed you had the guts on the last day of the season last year lets see if you can do it again this year... but for the sake of your finger nails I hope its sooner than the last day.

    • I would like to say thanks for the comment...I am a West Brom fan living in Chicago, U.S.A. You pretty much relayed my thoughts and feelings about the Robson incident.
      P.S. I have always enjoyed watching Aston Villa play.You still have the best team in the Midlands ..Congrat's.
      Adrian Trott

    • fair play i hate chelsea too my friend is a fan of west brom we we were gob smacked with the guys at scamford bridge call there selves first team players the manager is a smug git who should have his points taken away for all the abuse he gives others, no fines points that will hurt them more.

    • mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww
      chelsea lion roars in your face ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrr