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    Robson Out?

    I think Robson is a great manager I think he tells the lads what he wants from them and lines them up in decent formations often mirroring the opposition and I think he makes tactical substitutions at the right time.
    I think he buys and sells badly majorly thinning the squad. He hasn't replaced Richardson and with Gera out virtually all season there has been noone to consistantly cross the ball to the strikers so they haven't had the ball at their feet, or only with their backs to goal. Kanu has helped there with his skill but not enough to make Earnshaw look worth keeping. Earnshaw wasn't big enough to jostle for the ball. He's tried to replace Richardson with Quashie late on but he has been out and not done the job as yet.
    I say keep Robson but do we need a Director of football to coordinate the buys better? I know how unpopular this suggestion will be but Robson (or his back room staff) hasn't got the eye for what we need untill its too late.

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    • How can you think Robson is a 'GREAT' manager,so far he has won.....NOTHING,ok he got Boro promoted from the Championship twice,but remember it was him that also got them relegated!!,he spent a lot of money and the great amount of it very unwisely.....
      This last season I have frequently been mystified by his team selections and substitutions too!!!,also if you watched him on the touchline emotion or passion was totally missing!!
      So going on his past record and last season I would rather see him out or promoted upstairs out of harms way and say bring in Mick McCarthy who is a great man motivator,the situation at Sunderland this season was not his fault as he was limited to trying to stay up but with no funds to strengthen what was a very good side that won the championship....

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      • Ok, I admit great manager might be pushing it.
        Although he won us a consecutive season in the Premiership and the title of bottom at xmas and still stayed up, dubious I know.
        He has never bought unsustainably ie has always thinned the squad before buying new players, so reduced the squad first and wage bill. I don't think he has ever spent a lot of money definately not money he couldn't afford. Look at the Blues and the amount of money they spent in their first seasons up.
        Mick Mc Carthy is a good motivator but tactically is he that great that the caretaker has had better performances on the pitch if not results. Personally I prefer a man who looks in control and not like a raving lunatic. Jose Mourinho doesn't always jump up and down he sits back a lot of the time assessing the situation.

    • Robson should go now, i have supported this guy when others have called for his head, why oh why does he keep picking campbell ?? Robson is not good enough and now it seems he is blaming the board for the wage structure and his transfer kitty, he should go weith dignity

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      • I hadn't heard him blaming the board but that is the last act of a desperate man if he has.
        I take your points about him I think the team has been inconsistant but thats what Kamara has always been like. Johnson is just a Wallwork lite he hasn't got the skill but what other choice does Robson have if Wallwork is suspended. Inamoto can't keep the ball, Gera's been out, Quashie hasn't found his feet and Carter hasn't played. Strikers are too old or too young.
        The defenders have been our best players but they can't score the goals or keep the ball up the other end.
        I think give Robson 6 months from end of season if the right players aren't bought and more importantly sold (or kept hold of) and we are out of the top 4 in the first month of next season he should go.

    • I’m struggling to believe I’m reading any positive comments about Robson at all. We’ve gone backwards and it’s him who’s taken us there. He got lucky last season, and if it wasn’t for Richardson on loan we’d have been down long before the last day. I’m tired of hearing about the “Great Escape” and how we came back from being 8 points adrift. We weren’t 8 points adrift when he took over. We were 17th and a point clear of relegation. We had to escape from the situation he put us in with his crazy tactics and team selection. Then in the close season he didn’t get anyone in to even try to replace Richardson. Curtis Davies apart, what has he signed? All our best players were signed by Megson. And quite how he thinks that Kevin Campbell, Diomansy Kamara and Andy Johnson are worthy of playing in the Premier League is way beyond all comprehension. Robson was one of the worlds best midfield players, yet he puts Andy Johnson into a team to play in the position he filled. He nearly went to Bristol Rovers in the transfer window. What does he think he brings to the team? His substitutions come too late, he is far too negative in his formations and as for fielding weakened teams against the better sides, that’s just an insult to those who pay to watch us. He has to go.

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      • I was one of the few who didn't think that Robson would be any use to the Baggies, when he was first appointed.
        The Baggies escaped last season because the OTHER TEAMS LOST, not the fact that Robson did anything.
        The way to win games is to attack, if you play defensively, you are inviting the opposition to play in your own backyard with just the results we are getting.
        He is just a Man Utd fan NOT an ALBION man.

    • Yeah so great we're practically bottom again. He can sell our best striker and buy a player who gets suspended with his first kick of the ball. Bring back Gary Megson.

    • Baggies fans, calm down. You have got a diamond in Bryan Robson. Knows what he wants and knows how to get it. The club finances and the non performance/injuries to some of your players have sent you down this season.

      Whilst you can see Robson has been f...ed off this season hes kept his cool in front of the cameras but you know somebody has got a roasting in private. In fact the only time he has looked like losing it was the villa game and rightly so.

      You are also forgetting you were championship certainties 12 months ago and he got you out of trouble.

      The difference between our two clubs this season is pure luck, when i have watched your lot play your teams have harried, battled and run their hearts out to stay in a game. You know Robson has instilled the work ethic in them. Watching Villa this season has been cringingly embarrassing with lack lustre performances and non committed players embarrissing the Villa name. At least your lot have had a go.

      If your club would allow him to invest in some quality u wouldn't be derbying with the blue noses next season.

      I would suggest Robson isn't your problem its your board of directors holding on to your gate money that is the problem.

      good luck in the championship, ive no doubt you will be back in the premiership soon.