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  • Mike Mike May 16, 2006 20:11 Flag

    Robson Out?

    Realistically, who's gonna stay? Half of those who probably think they're good enough to play at a higher level will be a bit surprised when noone comes in for them. There's only Gera and possibly Davies worth buying, plus possibly Wallwork for one of the promoted/bottom half sides.

    If we hang on to Kuszak, Robinson, Davies, Wallwork, Greening & Inamoto at a push, plus Ellington we've got a decent spine to the side but we need to add some width, especially on the left. Camara can cause problems with his pace but he really does drive me up the wall with his finishing.

    Koumas for Jerome would be a good shout as well.

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    • Haven't thought much of Greening this season, but then who else does his job of consistantly crossing the ball? Kamara could do with learning how.
      I think Inamoto could use a DVD on tracking back and putting in tackles Koumas style.
      I would be reasonably happy with the Koumas <-> Jerome swap.