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  • I have to agree that Robson has to go. From the game against Middlesboro he has failed to pick the right team for virtually every game. Middlesboro - Kanu's firstgame back should have been teamed up with Ellington. At the time Middlesboro's defence was leaking goals and I think Ellington would have scored even though he was lacking in confidence. Chelsea - why did we play 4 5 1 against a Chelsea team that were actually in a dip in form! Ok I know we created some chances but without a natural goal scorer we never looked like scoring. It was only when we did go 442 that we created a decent chance and scored. Blues - Again should have been 442. Ellington scores with his first touch. Kamara couldnt hit cows arse with a banjo. Man U - should have played 451. Man u at the moment with Liverpool are the inform sides in the league so Robson should have kept it tight, instead he gives them the freedom of the midfield and we loose. Spurs - right formation, wrong team. how the hell did Andrew Johnson get in the team! Ok he runs round like a headless chicken and covers every blade of grass but he doesnt have any passing ability compared to Inamoto. Liverpool - see my coments about Man u! Villa - At last, he plays the right formation and the right team. One game where I dont blame Robson for us not winning.
    Lets see what happens against Arsenal. Again I think we should play 451 and keep it tight. The problem is if it goes wrong and Arsenal score early I cant see that we have the players to change it.
    As for buying and selling players I still dont think that Robson knows what palyers to buy. 25000 of us knew in January we needed a decent goal scorer, but what does Robson do, buys 2 midfield players, and a defender and then sells 2 strikers. I agree that it was great bussiness to get £3M for Earnshaw and how the hell did he sell Horsefield for £1M, but that leaves us with 2 carthorses (Kanu and Campbell), Ellington and a kid. Bloody hell i have gone on a bit, but if we do go down I lay the blame entirely at Robson, its his team!

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    • Robbo's team has no passion and even less fight. His transfer dealings are poor and his team selection is even worse. The main criteria seems to be "if you're old and knackered you can turn out for the Baggies". Still he, and that tosser Atkinson, walked away in the early eighties when we had a half decent team (Regis, Batson, Statham, Robertson et al and (hopefully) he'll do the same again if the right offer comes along! Megson wasn't the greatest but at least he had some fire in his belly.....probably too much for our Chairmans liking! Hopefully the Championship will be kinder to us all.