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  • Marcus Marcus Apr 18, 2006 19:48 Flag

    Robson Out?

    I’m struggling to believe I’m reading any positive comments about Robson at all. We’ve gone backwards and it’s him who’s taken us there. He got lucky last season, and if it wasn’t for Richardson on loan we’d have been down long before the last day. I’m tired of hearing about the “Great Escape” and how we came back from being 8 points adrift. We weren’t 8 points adrift when he took over. We were 17th and a point clear of relegation. We had to escape from the situation he put us in with his crazy tactics and team selection. Then in the close season he didn’t get anyone in to even try to replace Richardson. Curtis Davies apart, what has he signed? All our best players were signed by Megson. And quite how he thinks that Kevin Campbell, Diomansy Kamara and Andy Johnson are worthy of playing in the Premier League is way beyond all comprehension. Robson was one of the worlds best midfield players, yet he puts Andy Johnson into a team to play in the position he filled. He nearly went to Bristol Rovers in the transfer window. What does he think he brings to the team? His substitutions come too late, he is far too negative in his formations and as for fielding weakened teams against the better sides, that’s just an insult to those who pay to watch us. He has to go.

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    • I was one of the few who didn't think that Robson would be any use to the Baggies, when he was first appointed.
      The Baggies escaped last season because the OTHER TEAMS LOST, not the fact that Robson did anything.
      The way to win games is to attack, if you play defensively, you are inviting the opposition to play in your own backyard with just the results we are getting.
      He is just a Man Utd fan NOT an ALBION man.