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  • Clive Clive Apr 20, 2006 06:18 Flag

    Robson Out?

    I was one of the few who didn't think that Robson would be any use to the Baggies, when he was first appointed.
    The Baggies escaped last season because the OTHER TEAMS LOST, not the fact that Robson did anything.
    The way to win games is to attack, if you play defensively, you are inviting the opposition to play in your own backyard with just the results we are getting.
    He is just a Man Utd fan NOT an ALBION man.

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    • It does look like you'll go down, unfortunately for you. He does look like somebody who has no idea at all. You have a slight chance of survival but the team will have to go all out. Newcastle (away), West Ham (home) and Everton (away). Not the hardest games to finish on.