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  • Will Will Apr 28, 2006 16:52 Flag

    Robson Out?

    I hadn't heard him blaming the board but that is the last act of a desperate man if he has.
    I take your points about him I think the team has been inconsistant but thats what Kamara has always been like. Johnson is just a Wallwork lite he hasn't got the skill but what other choice does Robson have if Wallwork is suspended. Inamoto can't keep the ball, Gera's been out, Quashie hasn't found his feet and Carter hasn't played. Strikers are too old or too young.
    The defenders have been our best players but they can't score the goals or keep the ball up the other end.
    I think give Robson 6 months from end of season if the right players aren't bought and more importantly sold (or kept hold of) and we are out of the top 4 in the first month of next season he should go.

    • I was beginning to think there were few sensible baggies fans left ! You have restored my faith ! We can't just blame Robson for this season, the players have to take a huge amount of responsibility too for there inconsistency and sometimes lack of fight and passion ! I totally agree with you, give him 6 months then get rid if needs be.