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  • IAIN IAIN May 14, 2006 21:12 Flag

    Robson Out?

    How can you think Robson is a 'GREAT' manager,so far he has won.....NOTHING,ok he got Boro promoted from the Championship twice,but remember it was him that also got them relegated!!,he spent a lot of money and the great amount of it very unwisely.....
    This last season I have frequently been mystified by his team selections and substitutions too!!!,also if you watched him on the touchline emotion or passion was totally missing!!
    So going on his past record and last season I would rather see him out or promoted upstairs out of harms way and say bring in Mick McCarthy who is a great man motivator,the situation at Sunderland this season was not his fault as he was limited to trying to stay up but with no funds to strengthen what was a very good side that won the championship....

    • Ok, I admit great manager might be pushing it.
      Although he won us a consecutive season in the Premiership and the title of bottom at xmas and still stayed up, dubious I know.
      He has never bought unsustainably ie has always thinned the squad before buying new players, so reduced the squad first and wage bill. I don't think he has ever spent a lot of money definately not money he couldn't afford. Look at the Blues and the amount of money they spent in their first seasons up.
      Mick Mc Carthy is a good motivator but tactically is he that great that the caretaker has had better performances on the pitch if not results. Personally I prefer a man who looks in control and not like a raving lunatic. Jose Mourinho doesn't always jump up and down he sits back a lot of the time assessing the situation.